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Friday, June 30, 2006


7 games under

Todd Williams blew it. Again. But I'll do what I do best and pull some positives out of todays game.

-Conine is starting to heat up, and got a 2-run homer that was big when he hit it. Hopefully he can continue to hit 'til we get Newhan/Gibbons/possibly Shealy back.

-CPat broke out of his slump and hit a loooooooooooong homer. That thing was a shot. 2-4.

-Kakes is scorching the ball. 3-3 today with a walk, so he was 4-4 in getting on base. That OPS is about to shoot up...

-Sendy pitched 2 scoreless innings. The first time he has appeared without being scored on since 6/18 in the Mets series. Hopefully he can keep it up.

All I got, added a few links so check those out. Parrish out for the year. Byrdak may be too.

Go O's

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