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Thursday, June 29, 2006


6 games under

Blanked. It sucks, I know, but I have a bone to pick that really got me mad at the end of the game.

Down 4-0, 2 on with 2 out, O's rallying. Miggy hits a grounder to third, tough play bad throw.......................Miggy walks to first base, putting no pressure on the infielders and Howard makes the pick giving the Phils the W.

I'm sick of it. If he has a bad knee, let him sit, but this not hustling stuff needs to stop. Yes, I've now jumped onto the "Trade Miggy" bandwagon, and here's why.

A)We can get a whole lot for him, either top prospects or some major league big-time talent(power hitter, possibly an ace).

B)He isn't hustling, sulking around, and isn't half the leader he was when he signed on with the O's 2 years ago.

C)His average is more than down since the Grimsley report came out, and the B-12 may have more than vitamins in it.

Well, hopefully this all sorts out, and trade Miggy or not we are very active at the trade deadline.

Go O's

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