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Friday, June 30, 2006


7 games under

Todd Williams blew it. Again. But I'll do what I do best and pull some positives out of todays game.

-Conine is starting to heat up, and got a 2-run homer that was big when he hit it. Hopefully he can continue to hit 'til we get Newhan/Gibbons/possibly Shealy back.

-CPat broke out of his slump and hit a loooooooooooong homer. That thing was a shot. 2-4.

-Kakes is scorching the ball. 3-3 today with a walk, so he was 4-4 in getting on base. That OPS is about to shoot up...

-Sendy pitched 2 scoreless innings. The first time he has appeared without being scored on since 6/18 in the Mets series. Hopefully he can keep it up.

All I got, added a few links so check those out. Parrish out for the year. Byrdak may be too.

Go O's

Thursday, June 29, 2006


6 games under

Blanked. It sucks, I know, but I have a bone to pick that really got me mad at the end of the game.

Down 4-0, 2 on with 2 out, O's rallying. Miggy hits a grounder to third, tough play bad throw.......................Miggy walks to first base, putting no pressure on the infielders and Howard makes the pick giving the Phils the W.

I'm sick of it. If he has a bad knee, let him sit, but this not hustling stuff needs to stop. Yes, I've now jumped onto the "Trade Miggy" bandwagon, and here's why.

A)We can get a whole lot for him, either top prospects or some major league big-time talent(power hitter, possibly an ace).

B)He isn't hustling, sulking around, and isn't half the leader he was when he signed on with the O's 2 years ago.

C)His average is more than down since the Grimsley report came out, and the B-12 may have more than vitamins in it.

Well, hopefully this all sorts out, and trade Miggy or not we are very active at the trade deadline.

Go O's

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


5 games under

O's win again! Creeping back to .500, here are my e-highlights on the second game of the double-header sweep.

-Benson didn't have his best outing, 5 IP with 4 ER's given up, but he still got his 9th win of the season.

-Kakes hit a triple and went 4-4 , boosting his average up to .250.

-Ramon caught both games, and also hit a homer in each, taking the team RBI lead.

-Miggy also went 4-4, and his average is up to .322.

-Todd Williams got out of a bases loaded, 0 outs jam, and pitched 2 perfect innings. Sendy Rleal, on the other hand, gave up a homer to Ryan Howard in his only inning of work.

-Niner also had a good game, going 3-5.

-Every starter got a hit, and the O's totaled 20 hits.

Go O's! Sweep the Phightin' Phils!


6 games under

The O's picked up a W in the first game of the double-dip today, and it was pretty eventful. Here is the quick and dirty version.

-Ray got save #20.

-Birkins got crushed. 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning.

-B-Rob finally went deep.

-Ramon homered. Again.

-Bedard pitched his second straight gem.

-Miggy went 2-5, but hit the ball so hard he could have easily gone 4-5.

O's win, O's win, holy cow the O's win. Hopefully we pick up a dub in the second game, completing the sweep(of the double header, not series) and pulling us within 5 games of .500.

Go O's! Go Benson!


I'm back!

Vacation and Orioles related depression have kept me off the blog for the last couple weeks, but (hopefully) I'll start updating it more often now that I'm back.

-Went to see the 2 good O's/Nats games last weekend. Bill Bray and Chris Ray are great guys. Ray was disgusting Friday night.

-We signed Russ Ortiz. Believe it or not, I like this move. Very low risk, and I have a feeling he will step up big-time with Mazzone coaching him. ***Mazzone Magic***

-Billy Rowell still isn't signed. The O's are sitting put at 2 million while Billy wants 2.1. Even though it all seems like a heck of a lot of money for a guy coming out of high school, get the dang deal done!

-The Tejada trade rumor is showing it's ugly head....again. Though I wouldn't mind if he were trading, I really doubt he will be, and I think it's a big distraction to the team when they pop up.

-PLEASE get Ryan Shealy. Not only is he a young hitter with pop, he also solves the gigantic hole at 1B. Penn or Loewen is too much, though. Javy is probably(possibly) too little. If they want young pitching, how about J.J. Johnson? I would be hesitant to give up Erbe, Liz, or Olsen.(By the way, as I'm writing this Ramon went deep! 4-0 O's!) More on Shealy.

-The pitching has been spectacular lately. Loewen pitched a solid(though he had WAY too many walks) game Saturday against the Nats, Bedard has been on fire, Benson is still solid as a rock, and Rodrigo has really picked it up. Daniel is annoying the heck out of me on the other hand, as he is still extremely inconsistent.

-The trade deadline is a little over a month away, but coming fast. Players I want to see gone? Matos(if we can get anything), Javy, Hawkins, Rodrigo, Chen(again, if we can get anything), Millar, and Conine.

-Congrats B-Rob on your first jack of the season. Long overdue, it's 6-0 O's!

Hopefully we can pick up at least one W in the doubledip. A sweep would be great....

PS-Sidebar is now updated.

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