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Friday, May 12, 2006



You know how in the song "Orioles magic" they say that every night has a different star? Well that held true tonight, and we accually had 2 unexpected heroes.

Corey Patterson:C-Pat went 2-3 tonight, and got 4 RBI's. He started off his superb night in the 2nd inning, with a 3-run shot onto the flag court court taking away the Royals lead and putting the O's up 3-1. His next hit was in the bottom of the 8th, a single to left, followed by a steal, and then scored the game-winning run. Somewhere in between, he beat out a potential bases loaded double play and knocked in another RBI. If C-Pat can be a catalyst at the bottom of the lineup, and keep this combination of speed and power going, the trade we acquired him in will be one of the biggest steals of the offseason.

Brandon Fahey:Folks, box scores lie. Looking at his stats, 2-5 with an RBI, you'd shrug it off, but Fahey may be the key reason we won. In the Bottom of the 8th with Corey on third and 2 outs, Fahey slapped a single(which turned out to be game-winning) to left, and provided the O's with a badly needed run. Also, in the bottom of the ninth with a man on and no outs, he picked up a grounder up the middle, tagged second, and made a perfect throw to first, pretty much securing the game. He's is certainly motivated to make this team even after B-Rob comes back, and it's showing.

Looks like Javy's going to be back tomorrow, and either Terrero or Chavez will be sent down. Even if one of them stays on the team, it won't be for long as Brian Roberts is scheduled to be back some time next week, hopefully Monday.

Another guy who is killing the ball of late, Jeff Conine. His average is up around .240, an amazing turn-around from that horrible .050 earlier in the year. Yes, I am already eating the crow.

Like the last few days, Bedard started off well, but in the 6th inning collapsed. Is there a virus going around on the pitching staff?

Why is Sendy Rleal trusted in tight situations? Major choke artist, and I can't decide if he's more like Julio or Hawkins.

Go O's!

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