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Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Is Corey Patterson something or what? 2 jacks and a game-saving webgem tonight.

That 2 single A prospects for C-Pat deal is the steal of the century.

Another not terrible(he's getting better!) start for Roddy, looked much sharper than usual.

BUT. Chris Ray needs a couple days off. He's been overworked in the past couple weeks and probably should have blown the save tonight.

Go O's!

Sunday, May 21, 2006



Wait a second. Did we just lose a series to the Nationals?

Saturday, May 20, 2006



That was the kind of game we need to win. Had an early lead of 3-1, then gave up a 2-run Soriano jack(who I wouldn't mind seeing in Orange and Black next year) and several more runs, with a final score of 9-3. Hopefully we can pick up a W tomorrow, but I won't hold my breathe with Chen facing Livan Hernandez.

Roberts is still on the DL, and has missed 18. I thought he was only supposed to miss 10 at the most? Hopefully we get him back by the time we go to Seattle.

Go O's!

Friday, May 19, 2006



The O's take the first game of the Beltway series.

Benson pitches a comeplete gme, giving up only 1 run,but the big news was off the field.

The O's signed Melvin Mora to a 3-year contract-extension. The deal is worth 25 million and has a no-trade clause. Finally!

Against the Gants again tomorrow, 7 @ RFK.

Go O's!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006



FINALLY! The dryspell vs. Boston that went on seemingly forever is finally snapped, thanks to Erik Bedard, Kevin Millar, and Chris Ray sticking with it and picking up the save. We're going into Washington next in the first Beltway series, and I think it's very winable(especially with the help we'll be getting). Speaking of that...

Brian Roberts is getting a rehab start at Bowie and will be back for the game on Friday vs. the Gnats.

John Parrish should be back by July.

Go O's!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Congrats to Fahey on his first career jack.

Monday, May 15, 2006



Why are Rodrigo and Chen still starting on this team? I can live with one of them, but this team has no shot at competing with both of them in their starting staff. When Daniel comes back(on 15-day DL) the rotation better be...

Rodrigo or Chen

BTW-When is the "Mazzone effect" going to take place?

Sunday, May 14, 2006



YES! Great win today, and a big comeback. Am I the only one that thought we had no shot at coming back after the 7th run scored for KC?

Hopefully we can carry this momentom into the Boston series, and accually beat them! I would give my left arm to take this series....

Go O's!

Saturday, May 13, 2006



Great win, great crowd, and great weather-which is why I'm not doing a recap today.

Go O's!

Friday, May 12, 2006



You know how in the song "Orioles magic" they say that every night has a different star? Well that held true tonight, and we accually had 2 unexpected heroes.

Corey Patterson:C-Pat went 2-3 tonight, and got 4 RBI's. He started off his superb night in the 2nd inning, with a 3-run shot onto the flag court court taking away the Royals lead and putting the O's up 3-1. His next hit was in the bottom of the 8th, a single to left, followed by a steal, and then scored the game-winning run. Somewhere in between, he beat out a potential bases loaded double play and knocked in another RBI. If C-Pat can be a catalyst at the bottom of the lineup, and keep this combination of speed and power going, the trade we acquired him in will be one of the biggest steals of the offseason.

Brandon Fahey:Folks, box scores lie. Looking at his stats, 2-5 with an RBI, you'd shrug it off, but Fahey may be the key reason we won. In the Bottom of the 8th with Corey on third and 2 outs, Fahey slapped a single(which turned out to be game-winning) to left, and provided the O's with a badly needed run. Also, in the bottom of the ninth with a man on and no outs, he picked up a grounder up the middle, tagged second, and made a perfect throw to first, pretty much securing the game. He's is certainly motivated to make this team even after B-Rob comes back, and it's showing.

Looks like Javy's going to be back tomorrow, and either Terrero or Chavez will be sent down. Even if one of them stays on the team, it won't be for long as Brian Roberts is scheduled to be back some time next week, hopefully Monday.

Another guy who is killing the ball of late, Jeff Conine. His average is up around .240, an amazing turn-around from that horrible .050 earlier in the year. Yes, I am already eating the crow.

Like the last few days, Bedard started off well, but in the 6th inning collapsed. Is there a virus going around on the pitching staff?

Why is Sendy Rleal trusted in tight situations? Major choke artist, and I can't decide if he's more like Julio or Hawkins.

Go O's!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



UGH! The O's finally pick up a game, only to neutralize it the next day.

Roddy gave up 2 in the first, cruised until the 7th, and then gave up 4 giving the Tigers a 6-1 lead.

The O's tried to climb back in with the bases loaded and one out, and they did pick up 2 runs, but that was all they could get.

Kurt Birkins looked good yet again tonight, and his breaking pitch is disgusting. Could he replace Chen in the rotation(at least for a few weeks)? Maybe.

Tomorrow night...The Camera tossin' Kenny Rogers vs. The Canadian Erik Bedard.


Go O's.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006




Tonight looked like it would be just another game in the long strech(6 games, to be exact) of bad play recently. Not so much, as clutch hits helped the O's pick up a much needed W.

In the third inning Miguel Tejada got of his cold streak(was 2-21) with a 2-run jack, giving Daniel an early lead to work with.

But like most of the night, the Tigers had an answer. With 2 on, Omar Infante hit a fly ball fairly hard to right field, and it dropped past a diving Jay Gibbons. 2 runs scored, and the game was tied at 2.

And then it started to look like every other night in this recent way too long cold streak. With the bases loaded, Carlos Guillen doubled to Luis Matos in left field, scoring 3 runs and giving the Tigers a confortable 5-2 lead.

Jeff Conine started to chip away at the lead in the bottom half of the 6th, and he took a big chunk out of it. A screaming line drive down the left field line somehow landed 5-10 seats into the left field stands, knocking the tigers lead down to 5-4.

And it looked like we were to be heart-broken again, as in the bottom of the 7th Magglio Ordonez homered over C-Pat's head in center, giving the tigers a much-needed insurance run, a 6-4 lead.

The next inning it became evident that the O's wouldn't be denied. Melvin Mora and Jay Gibbons homered, tying up the game and showing heart that was lacking in the last 2 weeks. These 2 plays energized the team, the crowd, and even all of us displaced O's fans.

In the top of the 8th, the rollar coaster continued. The tigers had men on second and third with 2 outs and Pudge Rodriguez up. After many LaTroy Hawkins pitches, Rodriguez struck out swinging on a sinker in the dirt, the turning point in the game.

The next inning was started with a walk and a sacrifice bunt. With the pinch runner Luis Terrero on second base, Luis Matos(of all people) gave the ball a ride, only to fall a few feet short of the wall(and into Craig Monroe's glove). Chris Gomez was the next batter, and he kept the inning alive, as the shortstop Carlos Guillen bobbled a grounder to his right, allowing both runners to reach safely. Guess who's up next? That's right, the guy with the most hits in the league to put his team ahead late(or something like that, I frankly have no clue what Buck Martinez said), Melvin Mora. For the billionth time this season, Melvin lined a single to left field, scoring the game-winning run, which was insured after Ray cruised through the 9th inning.

Melvin pretty much single-handedly won this game. When are we ever going to extend his contract? He recently said in an article that he wanted it over with, and frankly I'd be pissed too. Peter needs to get off his butt and let the contract go through, stalling will only make him more hated by Melvin, the team, and the rapidly decreasing fanbase. PAY MELVIN!

Tomorrow is Justin Verlander vs. Rodrigo Lopez, and it would be great to get a series win with the Royals coming in to town next.

Go O's!

Sunday, May 07, 2006



And the downhill spiral continues.

(Note that my gamethreads have been lacking recently due to the fact that I'm on vacation, they'll be back Tuesday)

Go O's!

Saturday, May 06, 2006



What, were you expecting something else?

Friday, May 05, 2006



Way to go, Todd Williams.

Thursday, May 04, 2006



The O's were crushed today(the final score lies).

Guess who was pitching? You got it, Bruce Chen.

Kevin Mench and Mark Teixera went deep.

Jay Gibbons went deep off Millwood in the 9th.

Bruce Chen went 4 innings, 8 ER, 11 hits, 1 walk, 2 K's. Can you say Penn?

O's lose in a blowout.

Final score:8-2, Millwood tosses a complete game.

Tomorrow:Schilling vs. Rodrido Lopez, Fenway Park, 7:05.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006



Heart-breaker tonight...

In the third inning, a double was followed by an infield single to give the Rangers 2 on with no outs. A sacrifice fly gave them a run, but that was all they could come up with. 1-0 Rangers.

The next half inning, with 2 outs, Jay Gibbons(a lefty) lifted off on John Koronka(a lefty), smashing one into the right field seats. 1-1.

And the score stayed like that, until the 7th inning, when Daniel was finally pulled. Great game for him, and here is his line:
7 IP, 1 ER, 6 hits, 2 walks, 6 K's. Fantastic game for Daniel, especially the walks. Saying he's looking much better than the beginning of the season is an understatement.

And Koronka was cruising too. He got himself all the way into the ninth, when after a Terrero ground out, Melvin Mora singled and forced Koronka out of the game. Here is his line.
8 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 6 hits, 0 walks, 4 K's. Magnificent game for him.
In came Otsuka. 3 pitches later, a DP ended the inning, and the Rangers got a chance to walk off with a W in the bottom of the ninth.

But they couldn't take adavantage of it. After a leadoff hit by pitch, the next 3 batters were retired by Chris "sweet dreams" Ray. To the 10th we go...

After back to back 2 out Millar and Conine singles, Chris Gomez lined out to end the rally.

The bullpen held serve until the bottom of the 12th, when John Halama came in. The second batter of the inning, Mark DeRosa, took him deep, ending the game and giving the Rangers the win.

Tough loss.

Game notes
-No game notes due to the late start time.


O's vs. Rangers series preview

The O's picked up a much needed win last night, and are playing the Rangers in a short 2-game series before the O's head off to Fenway for a 3-game series with the Red Sox. It will be important for the O's to get a head of steam before that series, and here's my series preview.

Wednesday, May 3
John Koronka will be facing Daniel Cabrera in the bandbox of a stadium, the Ball Park in Arlington. The O's have struggled against lefties this year, and much to their dismay Koronka is one. His stats this year are solid. At home this year he has a 4.85 ERA(don't forget the ballpark factor), and has 9 K's and one walk in 13 innings. Daniel Cabrera stats are much worse. He has a 6.30 ERA away from OPACY, and has walked 14 batters in 10 innings(hopefully his 15 K's neutralize that).

O's key player:The bullpen. Easy pick, I know, but Daniel's consistently high pitch-counts cause him to leave game early, making the bullpens night longer. If the pen can go a couple scoreless innings I like our chances.

Rangers key player:John Koronka. If he can shut the O's down like all the other lefties we faced have, the Rangers bats will definitely give him a few runs to work with.

Prediction: Daniel goes 5, giving up 2 runs. Koronka goes 6, giving up 4. The Rangers bullpen choke late and the O's pick up the win. 8-4 O's.

Thursday, May 4
Looking at the match-up, I don't see any possible way the O's win. Bruce Chen, a flyball pitcher in a home run park. The Rangers ace on the mound. A couple O's player do hit him well, though, in a fair amount of AB's. 5 O's players have 10+ AB's vs. him, and 4 of them have an OPS over 1.000, the other has his over .800. The problem? 3 of those players are injured(though Millar and Javy may be back by then), and one of them is a utility infielder. Go Jeff Conine!

O's key player:Chen. If he can keep the ball down and keep the O's in the game, I think we have a shot. This team never stops battling, so I don't expect them to roll over.

Rangers key player:Mark Teixera. In 5 AB's vs. Chen, the switch hitter has 2 homers. If he has his way this game could be over quick.

Prediction:Chen gets shelled, gives up 5 in 3 innings. Millwood goes 7, giving up 2. Final score, 9-3 Rangers.

I would be happy with a split in this series, and ecstatic with a split. Let's pick up some momentum before we face the hated sawks!

Go O's!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006



The O's snapped their 3 game losing streak and got back to .500 today, topping the Toronto Blue Jays.

The O's first got on the board in the third inning with some clutch hits. After a Conine ground out, Nick Markakis hit a double to right-center, and Chiris Gomez was hit by a pitch puttting 2 on with one out. Brandon Fahey grounded into a fielders' choice, and Chris Gomez was retired at 2nd. So with one on and 2 outs, up to the plate came Melvin Mora. 3 pitches later, Melvin lined a shot down the left field line, scoring 2 and giving the O's a 2-zip lead. But, they weren't finished. After 2 balls, Miggy laced a single to right, scoring Melvin and giveing the O's a 3-0 lead through 3.

In the 6th inning the O's entended the lead.After a one-out Tejada single, Gibby crushed one to right field, just to the left of the flag court and over the wall for a homer. 5-0 O's, with 6 innings in the books.

In the top of the 7th it started to get interesting. Shea Hillenbrand doubled over Jay Gibbon's head, and 2 outs later he was on third. He gave up a single to the pinch hitter, Eric Hinske, and that ended Kris' night.
6 2/3 IP, 2 ER, 6 hits, 2 BB's, 1 K. Great game for Kris. He was scoreless through 6.
In came Julio Manon(pronounced May-yon) and the reulsts weren't good in his Orioles debut. He faced 3 batters, and all of them reched base(2 walks, 1 hit). The hit was an Alex Rios triple, and that scored the second Blue Jay run of the night. He loaded the bases with the 2 walks, and in the process got pulled. Sendy Rleal came in, and after narrowly avoiding extra base hits by Troy Glaus(barely foul), He got Glaus to line out to Nick Markakis in left to end the scoring threat.

Sendy Rleal and Todd Williams combined to pitch a perfect 8th, and gave the O's a chance to expand in the lead in the bottom half. The O's took full advantage of that, picking up 4 runs, and breaking open the game. A Mora single was followed by a Tejada homer, making the score 7-2, and a Gibbons single was followed by a Ramon Hernandez homer, making the score 9-2. Both were hit off Vinny Chulk. They were also both hit into the O's bullpen, and coincidentally, both were caught by Rudy Arias(Correction:One was caught by Sam Snyder). Sign him up. Through 8, 9-2 O's.

Todd came back in to pitch the ninth, and ended the game with a nice double play, especially Jeff Conine's pick at first. The O's are in the win column.

Game notes
-In the 3-hit club tonight:Miguel Tejada and Melvin Mora. Both went 3-4, and I am assuming Miggy kept his league lead in batting average.

-In the 2-hit club:Jay Gibbons and Corey Patterson. Both went 2-4. Good to see Patterson starting to hit again when he is moved down in the lineup(like I said...)

-Ramon, Miggy, and Gibby all got homers tonight. Jay's shot in the 6th inning was his 6th. Miggy's in the 8th was his 8th, and Ramon's(also in the 8th) was his 4th.

-Just about everyone pitched well except Manon. Benson went 6 2/3 strong, and should get a quality start. Rleal and Williams combined to go 2 1/3 perfect innings.

Fun fact-Last Thursday when the O's played the Jays and the pitching math-up was Benson vs. Janssen, the final score was 8-2. Tonight with the same match-up the final score was 9-2. I guess it wasn't a fluke...

-My predicted score was 7-3, and I was pretty close(off by 3 runs).

O's key player-Kris Benson pitched 6 2/3 great innings, giving up 2 runs. I was very close in my prediction, saying he would go 7 giving up 3. Overall great game for Kris.

Jays key player-Scott Downs pitched one perfect inning, but didn't really play a factor in the result. He was, though, the only effective pitcher for the Jays tonight.

-Benson got the win, he is now a solid 4-2. Janssen got the loss, he is 0-2 with both of his losses to the O's. Todd Williams picked up his first save of the year. He pitched 1 2/3, andwhen he came in it was a 3-run game making him eligible for the save.

Glad we got this game tonight. Hopefully now we've got some much needed momentum going into Texas.

Tomorrow night, 8:05, O's vs. Rangers at the Ballpark in Arlington. Cabrera vs. Koronka.

Rangers vs. Cabrera.
O's vs. Koronka.
Max. of 8 AB's for Texas vs. Daniel, and 0 for the O's vs. Koronka. Koronka has solid stats this year, so it should be fun tonihgt, especially if we see the Daniel we know and love. Series preview coming tomorrow.

Go O's!

Monday, May 01, 2006



Right after the game today, Sam Perlozzo announced that Eddy Rodriguez was sent down, Jim Brower DFA'd(yes!), and Julio Manon and Kurt Birkins were called up. Both are pitching very well at AAA(click on their name for stats).

Anyone but Brower!

Go O's.



The O's slipped under .500 tonight, and it was as bad as the last 3 have been.

Like the last few games, the O's started out well. After a Corey Patterson ground out, Melvin Mora walked on 5 pitches. Then came the hobbling Miguel Tejada to the dish, and he grounded one down the third base line. It was fielded by Troy Glaus, but a bad throw to second allowed both runners to reach safely. Jeff Conine hit a squibber down the 3rd base line that Glaus couldn't field. The O's had the bases loaded with one out, and Ted Lilly was in trouble. Ramon knocked a single over John McDonald's head at shortstop scoring Melvin from third and giving the O's a 1-0 lead. Up came the scorching Jeff Conine, who lined a shot over secondbase to score the 2nd run of the inning. A Markakis K and Gomez groundout ended the threat, but nonetheless, 2-0 O's after one.

The first batter of the 2nd inning, Troy Glaus, cut the lead in half with a solo shot to center. Through 2, 2-1 Orioles.

Well, somebody stepped up on the offensive side of the plate, and it was Ramon Hernandez. With 2 outs in the bottom of the 3rd, Ramon lifted off on Ted Lilly, giving the O's their 2 run lead back, and giving Ramon his second RBI of the night. 3-1 O's.

The Blue Jays wouldn't go away, though, and in the 6th inning after a Troy Glaus double to center that got past Corey, a bloop single made the score 3-2 Orioles. Another bloop single put me on first and third with 2 outs, and the 9th place hitter John McDonald at the plate, but a shallow blooper to Chris Gomez at second ended the Jays half of the inning, and scoring threat.

That was Erik Bedard's last inning, and here is his line:
6 IP, 2 ER, 7 hits, 3 BB's, 2 K's. Not Erik's best game when it comes to hits and walks, but it didn't change the 2 most important categories-IP and ER. I was only off by an inning in my prediction. Pretty good:-)

In came Hawk. After a lead-off flyout, a soft single up the middle and an infield single put 2 on with one out for Troy Glaus. Gone. Glaus went opposite field onto the flag court, and it was 5-3 Jays in the top of the 7th. 5-3 through 6 1/2.

With 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th Ted Lilly was pulled. The line...
7 2/3 IP, 2 ER, 5 hits, 2 BB's, 4 K's. Great game for Lilly tonight. He really settled down after the first inning and shut the O's down.

In the top of the 9th, the Jays expanded the lead. After an infield single scored a run, a Lyle Overbay 3-run shot gave the Jays a 9-3 lead. What a shock, it was off Jim Brower.

The O's still had a little fight in them in the 9th. A one-out walk for Gomez started it off in the ninth. Raul Chavez grounded out to advance him to second, and with 2 outs C-Pat got an RBI single, 9-4. Patterson got to second on fielder's indifference, and scored on a Melvin single. Up came Miggy, out went Miggy. Miggy went long to the deepest part of the ballpark, cutting the lead to 9-7. In came BJ Ryan. Strike one. Ball. Strike two. Strike out. Game over. O's lose.

Would have been nice to not have given up 4 runs in the ninth, or to have gotten to BJ Ryan, but neither happen, and the O's lose. At least we showed some fight...

Game notes
-Ramon had a pretty good game. He got a homer and an RBI single. He also went 3/4, and was the only form of offense in our lineup.

-Troy Glaus went 4-5 with 4 RBI's and 2 homers.

-Miggy got his 7th homer of the season in the 9th inning. Ramon's was his third.

-Key players:Patterson, I said, was key to set the table for the big boppers, and he didn't. Coincidentally the O's lost. Hmmm. Other key player, Alex Rios, solid game. 2-5, but not earth shattering.

-Ted Lilly the winner, 3-1. Hawkins the loser, 0-1. BJ Ryan with the save.

Tomorrow we have the Jays again at 7:05.
Jays vs. Benson.
No point in posting the O's vs. Janssen stats, as they are extremely thin.

Salvage the series, win tomorrow.


Matos news, lineup....

All the info courtesy of Roch.

Matos could come off the DL tomorrow. I guess this is good news, but I have a feeling this will cause C-Pat to hear footsteps, and start to struggle. After all, he started to hit well after Matos got injured...

Tejada to play in the field tomorrow. 2 questions:Who will play 2nd? I'm hoping Fahey, the kid intrigued me yesterday with his 2 hits and his pretty good defense(save the 1st inning throw, his foot was caught and probably had some early jitters), especially his range and glove. #2:Will Javy come back to DH? I hope so, 'cause I don't want to see who else would be there.

Corey Patterson, CF
Melvin Mora, 3B
Miguel Tejada, DH
Jay Gibbons, RF
Ramon Hernandez, C
Jeff Conine, 1B
Nick Markakis, LF
Chris Gomez, 2B
Brandon Fahey, SS

Bedard on the mound.

Turn it around, boys. Go O's!


O's/Blue Jays series preview

The O's have a 2-game series coming up against the Blue Jays, and it will be big for the O's to stop their well, horrible play that started vs. the Yankees last Friday. Here's my preview.

Monday, 5/1.
This is a rematch from last week, as Erik Bedard faces Ted Lilly. Not good news, as the Blue Jays are far and away the best hitting team vs. LHP, and the O's are one of the worst. The Jays are hitting .368 vs. lefties, while the O's are hitting a lowly .205, second worst in the American League. Also, the several injuries the O's have won't help, as 3 starters definitely won't be in the lineup tonight(4 if you count Newhan). It is probably good news that Brian isn't playing tonight, as his OPS against Lilly is .548, and he is hitting a lowly .188 vs. Lilly.

Key player:For the Orioles, I think the key player is Corey Patterson. If he(plays) can set the table for Mora/Tejada/Gibbons, the O's will definitely stay in the game, especially with Bedard on the mound.

Key player:For the Blue Jays, Alex Rios(though I could pick many more). He got a big homer off Bedard last week that put the game out of reach, and also went 3-4. He is killing lefties this year, hitting .438, with a 1.486 OPS. If Bedard can shut him down, I like our chances.

Game 1 Prediction:Everything points to a Jays win, but for some reason I think the O's pull it out. I think Bedard will be great and pitch 7 innings giving up less than 3 runs. The O's will get through to Lilly, and I see his line being around 6 innings and 5 runs. 5-4 O's is my final, as I think Hawkins gives up a homer and Ray comes in to shut them down.

Tuesday, 5/2
This is also a rematch from last week, when the O's won 7-5. Benson pitched a very good game, but Ray gave up 3 runs in the 9th. Casey Janssen pitched 4 innings, giving up 3 runs. His scouting report said he was known for his control, but a high pitch count was the reason he was pulled in the 4th, and he hit 2 batters.

Key player:For the O's it has to be Kris Benson, who can really help the 'pen out if he can pitch 6 or 7 strong innings. God knows we don't want to see any relievers not named "Hawkins", "Williams", or especially "Ray". Look for Benson to eat some innings, but give up a couple runs.

Key player:For the Blue Jays, I'm gonna go with Scott Downs. He is the Jays long man, and will probably(hopefully is more like it) need to be used in this game. If he can eat innings and keep the Jays in the game, he has done his job.

Game 2 prediction:Benson goes 7 strong, giving up 3. Janssen will go 5 innings and give up 4 runs. O's win, 7-3.

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