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Saturday, April 01, 2006



-On the O's website its says the O's and Mora are "really close" to a 3-year extension. It will probably be around 24-27 million when all is said and done. Yesterdays deadline to get a deal done was pretty much ignored and the 2 sides are going to keep trying to put a bow on it until Sunday. Don't be shocked if they announce a deal on opening day.

-Here's a Sun Article that was just released. Melvin says he is optimistic that a deal will get done by opening day.

Mora said the two talked about his contract. "We're close," he said. "I think we're going to make a deal."

If Melvin were any younger I'd be saying this is BJ RyanII(since the O's also failed to reach an agreement with him prior to the season and he walked away for a WHOLE lot more).

-Desi Relaford was released, no shock there.

-Here are the Brandon Phillips stats I promised. He could be solid only for minor-league depth, and could develop into a major-league player one day. Here is his ESPN player card.

Other AL East news
-Carl Pavano is currently injured with a left buttocks, yes, left buttocks injury per Rotoworld.

Carl Pavano, who already had been scheduled to begin the season on the disabled list because of a back injury, has been shut down because of his bruised left buttocks.
An MRI on Thursday was negative, but "he's got some pain and he's going to be shut down until that pain disappears," manager Joe Torre said. If this means Pavano won't be ready to pitch on April 29, then Jaret Wright will make more than one start.

-The D-Rays sent down Chad Orvella yesterday, per Rotoworld.

-Joe Torre says that Shawn Chacon and Chien-Ming Wang will start the season in the rotation. That rotation will be pretty weak until Pavano comes back, and it won't be much better after.

-Ted Lilly is having some minor injury issues, but he expects to make his first start on time.

-David Wells will start the season on the DL. The Red Sox rotation has lots of question marks, and David Wells' health is definitely one of them. 3/5(or even 4) of their starters are legitimate health risks.

-David Ortiz is coming close to an extension with the Red Sox at 4/50 according to ESPN Deportes, but the Boston Herald says not so much.

2 Days left!!!!!!! Go O's! Beat the Rays!

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