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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Tomorrow's lineup/Injuries

I don't have the lineup for tomorrow, but I know most of who will be in it. And a roster move is going to happen. Here are my random notes, info per Roch.

Roch says(indirectly) a pitcher from the bullpen will probably be sent down, and a middle infielder will be brought up. Brower down/Ed Rogers up? Thats what one of the sources on Orioles Hangout says. PLEASE do this move, Flanny!

Players who will most likely be in the lineup tomorrow:
Miguel Tejada, DH
Melvin Mora, 3B
Corey Patterson, CF
Jay Gibbons, RF
Ramon Hernandez, C
Chris Gomez, 1B
Brian Roberts, 2B

Players who are toss-ups:
Kevin Millar
Jeff Conine
Nick Markakis
Ed Rogers(if he's called up he'll be at SS)

Not in the lineup:
Raul Chavez(most likely not)
Luis Terrero(probably not)
Javy Lopez(Definitely not, has bad back spasms and was getting treated in the training room during the game today)

My predicted lineup:
Brian Roberts, 2b
Melvin Mora, 3b
Miguel Tejada, DH
Jay Gibbons, RF
Ramon Hernandez, C
Corey Patterson, CF
Jeff Conine, LF
Chris Gomez, 1b
Ed Rogers, SS

Couple more things from the Sun:

Kevin Millar(who is hillarious) came up with this gem-

"It's sore as hell," he said. "He smoked me right in the wrist area."

Sam also said Millar, B-Rob, and Miguel are all day-to-day.

When in comes to Melvin that link says that the deal is agreed upon, and all thats left is for PA to agree to it. Here is a piece of the article:

"A three-year contract extension for Mora is on hold, as it awaits approval
from Orioles principal owner Peter Angelos, according to sources close to negotiations.The two sides have agreed to the general framework, of the deal,
which if finalized, will pay the All-Star third baseman $24 million over three
seasons with a $1 million buyout for a fourth option year, sources said. The
deal will also likely include some no-trade protection for Mora, who has made
clear his desire to remain in Baltimore."

The article also says it could take a few days to get the deal done. The 4th year option is a shocker to me, but the 24 million is less than most sources said it would be. Both sides got their way:Melvin got his no-trade clause, and the O's only have to pay him 24 mil.(Melvin wanted 27). All-around good deal, get it done Pete!

O's vs. M's tomorrow, 1:35, OPACY, The ex-O Jamie Moyer vs. Rodrigo Lopez

Go O's!

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