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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Still no respect

The O's reached a new low today respect-wise in the NY Post. Here is what they wrote today...

One NL GM said he believed that the Marlins, Nationals, Devil Rays and Orioles were the majors' worst teams, stating it "would be amazing if any lost fewer than 95 games." The executive theorized that the Mets and Yankees would be helped by this with the wild card coming out of the two East divisions as the powerful clubs feast on the weaklings.

I'm sure the yankees are having a great time "feasting" on the O's while they're in last place, a game and a half behind the O's, and would be much father back had they not just faced Kansas City, who is apparently much better then the O's, with their 2-8 record and all. Only one team in the league(the mets) has more wins, and they have the best record in the league. Nice call, buddy. Now that Steve Phillips is out of the league, I have no clue who made this comment, but I doubt a team with this genious running it is successful.

Here's today's lineup for the should-be last place Orioles.

Brian Roberts - 2B
David Newhan - LF
Melvin Mora - 3B
Miguel Tejada - SS
Jay Gibbons - DH
Javy Lopez - C
Jeff Conine - 1B
Nick Markakis - RF
Luis Matos - CF

Nice to see Kakes in right field.

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