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Friday, April 21, 2006


Roster updates...

Apparently a lot of stuff happened roster-wise while I was gone, so here's my recap.

15-day DL:Matos, and he's expected to miss more than 15-days.

60-dayDL:Newhan, On 60-day to create roster spot. Had surgery Thursday. Byrdak, also on 60-day to create roster spot on the 40-man roster, Surgery coming soon.

Called-up:Eddy Rodriguez called up for Byrdak, pitched pretty well on Wednesday, pretty nice guy. Raul Chavez, now on 40-man roster, and called-up for Newhan. He willl be used to replace Ramon late for his defenese, and let Perlazzo pinch run for Ramon without losing the DH. Luis Terrero, called-up for Matos, plays CF and probably won't see much playing time with Patterson heating up. Had nice stats at Ottawa.

Sent down:Val Majewski, sent down and didn't even get a chance to join the team. He'll play every day at Ottawa.

Benson/Wang tonight, would be oh-so-sweet to get a W...

Go O's

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