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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Nick the Greek(and Oriole)

-Yes, Nick Markakis is an Oriole. According to the Baltimore Sun, the O's have added Nick Markakis to the 25 man roster. Although he won't be starting opening day, he will start a majority of the time. He will play all of the outfield positions, according to Sammy, but will spend most of his time in CF. The opening day lineup will have Millar at first, Conine in left, Matos in Center, and Gibbons in left(Nick isn't getting the start due to the lefty on the mound). This is what the opening day lineup should look like(unless Sam decides to put Luis Matos or Kevin Millar in the 2 hole):
1.Brian Robert(2B)
2.Melvin Mora(3B)
3.Miguel Tejada(SS)
4.Jay Gibbons(RF)
5.Javy Lopez(DH)
6.Ramon Hernandez(C)
7.Kevin Millar(1B)
8.Jeff Conine(LF)
9.Luis Matos(CF)

Rodrigo Lopez will be on the hill for the O's, facing Scott Kazmir.

-The O's still looking to trade David Newhan for Kevin Gregg of the Angels. This move is being re-opened because the O's currently only have 11 pitchers, and a 6-man bullpen is pretty thin(especially with a solid but nothing more starting staff).

-Not only did Nick make the team, but so did Raul Chavez(do we really need a 3rd catcher?), someone had to be cut, and that someone was John Halama. I thought he would be a solid reliever, but he joined Cory Morris, Eddy Rodriguez, Tyler Yates, Eddie Rogers, and Brandon Marsters as the final cuts.

-The Orioles placed Todd Williams and John Parrish on the DL per Rotoworld. No shock there.

-I have heard that the Melvin extension could be announced on OD(Monday). Stay tuned.

-The O's beat the nationals yet again today, this time it was 8-4. In the first in Markakis nearly went deep, but it curved foul. He ended up getting out in that AB. Miggy made up for it, though, with a 2-run homer to the opposite field. In the third inning Nick got a double off the scoreboard, and Miggy singled him in 2 AB's later. On the pitching side of things, Daniel Cabrera went 4 innings with 8 K's, 3 ER's, and 98 pitches. Solid outing for Daniel.

AL East news

-The yankees placed Carl Pavano, Aaron Small, and Octavio Dotel on the DL. Pavano is seemingly doing his best to make the signing a bust. Thank god the O's didn't sign him. Small going on the DL lessens their depth until Pavano gets back. The yankees knew Dotel would start the season on the DL when they signed him, so no shock there.

-The Blue Jays have pushed Ted Lily to the back of their rotation, per Rotoworld. Already some injury issues in an injury prone staff. Hmmmm.

-The Red Sox put Hee-Seop Choi and David wells on the DL today. The sox just picked up Choi about a week ago. Not a good start. Per Rotoworld.

-Tampa Bay placed Rocco Baldelli on the DL today, per Rotoworld. This confirms that he won't be in the lineup vs. the O's to start the season.

That's all I got for now. 40 hours left! Go O's, beat the Rays!

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