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Monday, April 24, 2006


Injury news....

I've got 3 injured player updates, and I'll probably get into the Melvin thing a little bit.

#1:Hayden Penn is out of extended spring training, and to his dismay he gets to go to Canada after spending a month in Florida:-). He's making his first start of the year tomorrow, and will most likely be the candidate pulled up if Chen keeps pitching the way he has.

#2:John Parrish had recontructive surgery on his elbow, and will be back in the O's bullpen by mid-May. I think Mazzone will really be able to work his magic on him, and we definitely need the extra arm in the pen. Recover quick, John, but don't rush yourself...(we don't want another Grimsley).

#3:Brian Roberts sat out yesterday due to an injured hip-flexor that has been bothering him for a while, especially when he runs. The 2 days off will definitely help him, and hopefully he can get back to full speed by the time we play the Blue Jays tomorrow night.

Melvins deal. The magic number would be 26(were a deal to happen), which is closer to his side of the previous struggle(24 for the O's, 27 for Melvin). A big question would be whether he gets and NTC(no-trade clause) or not, and I'm hoping he doesn't. If he drops off in 2, or almost definitely in 3 years, I don't want to be paying just less than 9 million for a guy I could see hitting .270 and hitting 10HR's(Just throwing a number out there, guys). All in all, though, the O's have 3 organizaltional depth at 3B and need to lock up Melvin. If that is what it takes to do it, so be it. Get the deal done, PAY MORA!

Lopez/Chacin tomorrow, 7:07(wierd start time). Go O's!

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