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Thursday, April 13, 2006



Wow, exciting game tonight, with a peculiar scoring at the end. Here goes nothing....

Yet again, the O's drew first blood. Newhan started with a single, and that was followed by a Mora double. Miggy got an RBI ground out, making the score 1-0.

All was quiet until the bottom of the 2nd, when Ty Wiggington continued his hot streak with another home run. 1-1 after 2.

The game continued to fly by, and no runs were scored until the bottom of 4th. In that inning, Travis Lee got a solo home run to dead center field. That would be the Rays second solo shot of the game.

Waechter continued to roll for the Rays, retiring 10/11 at one point. Magnificent pitching(or terrible hitting).

Whataya know, in the bottom of the 5th the Rays got their 3rd solo shot off Chen, making the score 3-1. This would be the 3rd solo shot of the night.

After pitching the top of the 6th inning, Waechter was pulled, and I'm not sure why(he only threw 81 pitches!). Here's the line:
6 IP, 1 ER, 6 hits, 0 BB, and 1 K. Nice game for him.

The Rays struck again in the bottom of the 6th, and guess how? You got it, another solo shot off Chen. That was #4 of the night, and made the score 4-1 going into the 7th inning.

All was quiet until the O's started their rally. After a B-Rob single, Newhan grounded into a FC, and Melvin grounded out making it man on 2nd with 2 outs. Inning seemingly over. Not so much. Miggy single to RF, 4-2. Gibby single to right. Ramon single to left, 4-3. Finally, though, the rally ended, with a Kevin Millar K.

The Rays fought back though, vs Chen and the O's in the top of the 8th. Chen came out to pitch the 8th(he was at 101 pitches at that point), and retired the first 2 batters. Sam Perlazzo came out, looked him in the eyes, and left him in. Didn't turn out like it does in the movies. Cantu drove a double off the wall and that was the end of Chen's night, and it was a solid game. Here's the line:
7 2/3 IP, 5 ER, 5 hits, 1 BB, 4 K's.
Then came Jim Brower. Oh god. What a shock, a bloop single gets the Rays an insurance run, making it 5-3 at the of the 8th.

Dan Miceli came in for the save in the top of the ninth, and it didn't start out well for him. Javy led off the inning with a walk, and Nick Markakis followed it up with a single getting Matos(Javy's pinch runner) to third base. B-Rob then got a sac fly, making the game 5-4. David Newhan came up to the plate. A long drive to deep right-center field...going, going going into Joey Gathright's glove for the 2nd out of the 9th inning, with Melvin Mora coming to the plate. Baseball, meet the left field seats. O's 6, Rays 5. Talk about exciting.

Then came Mr. Automatic, Chris Ray. K, ground out, fly out, game over.

O's win, here are some notes: The O's have won 5/7 vs. Tampa Bat this season. The Rays had only slightly over 10,000 fans for the third straight game after selling out the home opener. 13,042 tonight. A minor league O's note, Nolan Reimold got 2 HR's today, that guy keeps looking better and better. Chris Ray was given the save tonight on a technicality, here's the rule:
The winning relief pitcher shall be the one who is the pitcher of record when his team assumes the lead and maintains it to the finish of the game. EXCEPTION: Do not credit a victory to a relief pitcher who is ineffective in a brief appearance, when a succeeding relief pitcher pitches effectively in helping his team maintain the lead. In such cases, credit the succeeding relief pitcher with the victory.
Basacally, Ray gets the win because Brower suck and needs to be sent down.

Tomorrow-O's vs Angels, back at Camden. Ervin Santana vs. Rodrigo Lopez. Go O's!


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