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Wednesday, April 12, 2006



Tonight was a game of F's. Fossum flips(whatever that is), few fans, fancy fetches(in the field), and Freakin' walks! Here's how it played out tonight.

The highlight of the first inning had to be D-Cab's hot start. After striking out Crawford swinging, he K'ed Branyan looking, and followed that one up with a strike out of Gomes. Nice start to the game, and he had seemingly found his control(emphasis on seemingly).

When you pitch well, the offense will start to support you, and that was the case in the 2nd inning of the game tonight. Jay Gibbons led off the 2nd with a double, and 2 batters later Millah homered DEEP to left-center field. 2-0 O's.

Daniel let 2 men on in the 2nd inning, but when one got gunned down trying to steal second and 2 batters got K'ed(making it 5 K's in 2 innings), the scoring threat was gone.

The Rays got on the board in the bottom of the 3rd inning. Daniel got the first batter, walked the 2nd, and K'ed the third(#6). With 2 outs and a man on first, the inning was seemingly over, but you can't take anything as a given with Daniel on the mound. The next 2 batters walked, making it bases loaded with 2 outs. An untimely wild pitch cut the O's lead in half, and Travis Lee kept the rally alive by drawing the 4th walk of the inning. After getting to a full count, though, Ty Wiggington ended the rally with a fly out to Luis Matos.

The Rays threatened again in the bottom of the 4th. Toby Hall led off the inning with a single to center. After a Nick Green K(#7), Hall advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch(#2 of the night). A Tomas Perez K(#8) decreased the scoring chance, but Daniel did his best to bail Perez out. Back to back walks made it bases loaded with 2 outs, but yet another K(#9) ended the inning.

After the top of the 5th inning, the 3 batters that came to the plate's combined batting average was .556. Ramon Hernandez is hitting .520. Conine(who needs to sit, batting .068) started the inning with a fly out to left. Markakis(.238, he's slumping) and B-Rob(.250) ended the inning with consecutive ground outs.

The Rays continued to reach base in the bottom of the 5th inning, with a walk(Gomes) followed by a single(Lee). At that point D-Cab's walk total was at 8. But, like the rest of the game, Daniel comes back with a K(#10, double digits!). Toby Hall drove a gap, but Gibbons made a nice running catch that probably saved a run. A walk made it bases loaded, but Tomas Perez poped out to end the inning. That was the end of Daniel's night, and here's the line:
5 IP, 1 ER, 3 hits, 9 BB , 10 K's.

The O's extended the lead in the top of the 6th inning. Melvin got a one-out double to put a man in scoring position for the O's. Then, with 2 outs, Gibby drove one off the right field wall scoring Melvin, but he would be thrown out going for second. Nonetheless, it was 3-1 O's.

The bottom of the 6th was short but eventful. The Rays, who seemingly can't by a break, hd Carl Crawford tossed. Damon Hollins replaced him in left field. It was seemingly for arguing, but he was thrown out by the 3rd base ump(when he grounded out to the pitcher, not even coming in contact with that ump). Halama looked very good that inning, getting the first to batters to ground out to the mound, and catching Russel Branyan looking at strike 3.

In the top of the 7th the O's got the bases loaded on 2 walks and an E5, but that was all they could muster as Luis Matos lined out with 2 outs and bases loaded. Fossum night was over at that point, and here's his line:
7 IP, 3 ER, 4 hits, 4 BB, 3 K's. Solid game for Fossum.

In the bottom of the inning a Lee single and Wigginton home run tied the game at 3, and that was the end of Halama's night, and the start of Hawkin's. The first batter he faced(Toby Hall) singled up the middle to start Hawkin's night, but a 4-6-3 DP ended the 7th inning and the scoring threat.

Shawn Camp silenced the O's bats in the top of the 8th, going 1-2-3. But the Ray broke the game open in the bottom of the 8th. Sendy Rleal(no clue why he was in and Hawkins was taken out) gave up a grand slam to Jonny Gomes, making the score 7-3. One solid note, though, of the inning was Chris Britton making his ML debut and getting 2 of the 3 batters he faced out.

After a Millar home run, Miceli can in and picked up the save to defeat the Orioles tonight. With 2 on and 2 outs for some reason Perlazzo decided to let Matos hit. What a shock, ground out to end the game. Perlazzo also left Halama in for 1 too many batters, when he should have put Hawkins in. Another mistake by Perlazzo. In the 8th inning instead of pulling Hawkins for Rleal he should have let him be. Another mistake for Perlazzo. I'm going to leave it at that, but definitely not Perlazzo's shining moment.

A couple TB game notes. After 40,000+ on Monday night, Tuesday had only 12,00+, and Wednesday was just over 10,000...The Rays GM said that Aubrey Huff could be out for any time between 4 and 6 weeks...Carl Crawford's ejection was the first of his career(90% sure on this one, correct me if I'm wrong).

Chen vs. some should be AAA pitcher. Still have a shot at 3/4.

Thoughts on Perlazzo? or anything else?

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