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Sunday, April 30, 2006



Welcome to the big leagues, Brandon Fahey. How did he do? Read on.

Fahey didn't get off to a good start at short stop today. After Ichiro grounded out to Melvin, Fahey was tested on a grounder up the middle. He showed good range, Miggy probably wouldn't have gotten to the ball, but on the throw his foot slipped causing the ball to fly 5 feet over Jeff Conines head. Raul Ibanez smashed a single to right, putting 2 on with one out for Richie Sexson. After several pitches, ball 4 came, loading the bases with one out. A running catch in shallow left by Nick Markakis gave the O's 2 outs, and a chance to get out of the early jam. Well, Roddy took adavantage of that chance, forcing Adrian Beltre to line out to right, ending the inning*Wipes sweat off forehead*.

The O's (for the 4th straight game) took an early lead, on a Melvin Mora homer. It was just over the wall, and got a little help from the fans(though it would have gone out either way). 1-zip O's.

But that lead didn't last long. Rene Rivera(who?) hit his first homer of the year, tying up the game at 1.

That didn't last long either. With one out in the 2nd, Jeff Conine lifted-off, giving the O's a 2-1 lead.

In the bottom of the third Brandon Fahey knocked his first hit of his ML career. A Corey Patterson bunt single gave the O's 2 on with no outs and Melvin Mora coming to the plate. A sac fly sent Fahey to third, and Corey Patterson stole second to put 2 in scoring position for Miggy. Miggy was walked, and Jay Gibbons hit a sac fly, scoring Fahey and making the score 3-1 O's with 2 on(1st and 3rd) and 2 outs for Ramon Hernandez. Ramon then popped up, ending the inning. 3-1 O's.

The speedster Jeff Conine showed off his swift base running in the 4th, when after he poked a single to left he stole second, and adavnced to third on a grounder to Sexson. A Chris Gomez ground out to 3rd held Conine there, and a pop out stranded him. Wow, Jeff freaking Conine does all that and they can't give him a sac fly at least? Talk about leaving a guy hanging...

In the top of the 5th, Ichiro smacked a grounder off Rodrigo, allowing him to reach on an infield single. He then stole second, and was advanced to third on a Luis Lopez grounder to second. A Raul Ibanez single up the middle scored Suzuki, and made the score 3-2 O's. A wild pitch and a walk put 2 on with 1 out, and Carl Everett at the plate. Everett smashed a double into the gap, but Patterson fielded it perfectly, and Fahey threw a strike to home plate, but a terrible tag attempt by Ramon let the run score, making the game 4-3 Mariners. But a tapper 2 feet from home ended the inning for the M's.

Fahey had a heck of a game. With one on and one out, Ichiro hit a line shot low and to short. Not only did Fahey make the diving catch, but he also tagged out the runner to get the DP. I'm starting to hope he plays over Gomez at 2B after Miggy comes back...

That marked the end of Rorigo's night, and here's his line:
6 IP, 4 ER, 9 hits, 2 BB's, 2 K's. Not horrible, and kept us in the game.

In the bottom of the seventh, Brandon Fahey got a 1-out bloop single, and after a C-Pat pop up, he was pulled. Here is his line:
6.2 IP, 3 ER, 6 hits, 2 BB's, 1 K.
JJ Putz relieved him, and hit Melvin, Melvins 5th HBP of the year. But it was all for naught, as Miggy grounded softly to short.

In came Eddie Guardado in the ninth, and Nick Markakis gave him a rude welcome. On the 3rd pitch of the AB he smashed a doubled over Jeremy Reed in center field, putting the tying run in scoring position. Gomez grounded to 2nd and advanced Nick to third, but Fahey choked in the clutch, striking out to force C-Pat to get a single. Corey hit a short nubber down the line and was very close to beating it out, but Beltre, who was playing for the bunt, threw him out to end the game.

That was absolutely ridiculous. Man on third, 1 out, and you can't get the tying run in? Having Chavez on the team absolutely kills us, as we had no capable pinch hitters for Fahey to simply lift the ball into the outfield. Pitiful, pitiful loss.
Game notes
-Melvin's home run in the first was his 5th of the year. He went 1-3 today.

-Miguel Tejada's hit streak was stopped today.

-Corey Patterson is 7/7 in stolen base attempts.

-Jeff Conine is on fire. He not only got a homer today, but he also stole a base and went 2-3 . Keep it up, Niner.

-You know who else is on fire? Raul Ibanez. He was 3-5 today, and got an RBI.

-Todd Williams pitched again today, and pretty well. He only gave up one run(though it was a triple). Another scoreless inning for Todd.

How did we lose 2/3 to the Mariners? How did we make Eddie Guardado look like Mariano Rivera? Oh yeah, we are the Orioles. But, don't panic. The Red Sox lost so we are still only a game and a half out of first place.

Tomorrow the Jays come to town, 7:05 start. First game of a short 2 game series. Bedard vs. Lilly. Tuesday is Benson vs. Janssen.

O's vs. Lilly.
Conine and Javy hit him well, but that's just about it.
Jays vs. Bedard.
Rios hits well vs. him, but thats about all to read into there.

Remach from Tuesday, when the Jays stole one from us. Hopefully we can return the favor tomorrow, but it will be tough with all the injuries in the lineup.

Go get 'em tomorrow, Go O's!

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