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Saturday, April 29, 2006



Tough loss to take today for O's fans, but here it is.

For the third straight game, the O's scored in the early innings of the game. In the second, Nick Markakis singled home a run, but with bases loaded and one out Melvin and Miggy couldn't bring home a second run. 1-0 O's.

In the third inning, the O's extend their lead on King Felix Hernandez of the Mariners. After 2 men reached base, Corey Patterson went deep, making the score 4-0 O's.

But, in the 6th inning it all unraveled. After the Mariners got within 3 in the 5th, Hit after hit, walk after walk, made the score 7-4 Mariners. 5 hits, 3 walks, and 1 bad inning for Chen, Brower, and Eddy Rodriguez. Here is Chen's line:
5 1/3 IP, 3 ER, 5 hits, 1 walk, and 3 K's. He was nearly perfect until the 6th...
Hernandez was also pulled that inning, and here is his line:
5 IP, 4 ER, 10 hits, 2 walks, and 2 K's. Talk about an escape artist...

The O's started to chip away at the Mariners lead in the top of the 7th. Brian Roberts led of the inning with a single up the middle, his second of the game. Brian then got his 8th steal. Melvin continued his not so clutch play by grounding to the mound, and Brian had to stay put. But, Brian took matters into his own hands and stole third, his 9th steal of the year. Miguel then punched a single to right, scoring a run and cutting the lead to 7-5.

Then the injury bug hit. Javy Lopez had been scratched before the game due to back spasms. Kevin Millar was hit by a pitch off is hand, causing him to get pulled(he'll most likely be fine). Miguel Tejada's knee caused him to be taken out, and same for Brian's groin. This is what the defensive lineup looked like:
C:Raul Chavez
1B:Ramon Hernandez
2B:Melvin Mora
SS:Chris Gomez
3B:Jeff Conine
LF:Luis Terrero
CF:Corey Patterson
RF:Jay Gibbons.
Gibbons and Patterson were the only people to stay in their position all game.
The only good news from that inning-Todd Williams came in and pitched a perfect inning.

In the 7th the O's got something going. Ramon was hit by a pitch, and after Gomez flied out to left, Corey Patterson pulled a single past Sexson, getting Ramon to third(yes, even with Ichiro's arm out there). JJ Putz then relieved Rafael Soriano, and came in to face Jeff Conine. Conine grounded it slowly to second, allowing Patterson to reach second, and score the run(even though Conine got out). Nice team AB. A Markakis pop out ended the inning, but it was still only 7-6 Mariners.

But, in the 8th, the Mariners got that runs back. Sendy Rleal(who is pitching horribly of late) gave up a jack to Adrian Beltre, making the score 8-6 M's. He got out of the inning scoreless after that blemish, though.

The 1-2-3 hitters came up in the bottom of the 8th, and this was like the modern day murderers row. This would strike fear in any pitchers eye's(No disrespect to Melvin, he's the only good player of the 3)
1.Raul Chavez
2.Melvin Mora
3.Luis Terrero
Wow. Punishing lineup.
Terrero got an infield single, so Gibby came up as the tying run, with 2 outs. Oh, were you expecting a hit? Well, there should have been. He hit a Bawlmer chop to second and probably beat it out, but he was called out and that's all that matters. Still 8-6.

Sendy then came in and pitched a perfect ninth. I may have spoken too soon on that "horrible" thing.

In came "Everyday" Eddie Guardado. Single up the middle for Ramon. Bloop single to right for Gomez. C-Pat sacrificed them over, and up came Jeff Conine(who I voted for on the All-Star ballot. Prove me right, Jeff!) Well I'm not sure if he proved me right, but he drew a walk, loading the bases for Nick Markakis. K. Nick looked horrible in that AB, and I'm starting to think he needs to go to Ottawa. Anyway next up was Raul Chavez. Ground ball to second, and the O's blow it.

Horrible game today. We had this game locked up at the start, blew it, then had a legit shot to win it late, and still couldn't do anything. We need that game tomorrow.

Game notes:
-Corey Paterson is completely on fire. He got another home run today, his third of the year. He also had his third straight multi-hit game.

-Miguel Tejada went 2-4 today, extending his hit streak to 14 games.

-Melvin Mora went 2-5 today, and it was his 3rd straight multi-hit game.

-Starting in the second inning, Bruce Chen retired 9 straight batters. Wish he could have used some of that good pitching in the 6th.

-Chris Britton was sent down today, and Todd Williams was(finally) recalled.

-Brian Roberts got his 8th and 9th steals of the year, and the O's are now 20/20, the all-time record for consecutive steals to start the season. But Luis Terrero was caught stealing in the 8th, ending the perfect streak. Darn you, Luis Terrero!

-Sendy Rleal has allowed a home run in 4 of his last 6 games.

-Over 34K people at the game today...

Tomorrow: Moyer(former O)/Lopez, 1:35. Deciding game of the series.
Lopez vs. Mariners.
Fair amount of AB's, but nothing that jumps out at me.
Moyer vs. O's.
Looks like he pitches pretty well vs. the O's, and we're facing another lefty tomorrow. I don't like our chances too much...

By the way...Like the new template?

Go O's!

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