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Friday, April 28, 2006



The O's picked up another W tonight, and today it went by the perfect(Mazzone) blueprint...

The O's got an early lead tonight when Jay Gibbons singled home Miguel Tejada, giving the big, hard-throwing righty Daniel Cabrera an early lead.

And that early lead was extended when Corey Patterson knocked a solo shot off Gil Meche, entending the lead to 2-0.

The pitchers settled down, and no runs were scored until the top of the 6th, when Ichiro Suzuki double over Jay Gibbons head to right field. The next batter, Jose Lopez, took adavantage of the base runner and homered, tying up the game. 2-2.

The O's got their lead back, though, and quick. Kevin Millar was hit by a pitch, Corey Patterson reached on a bunt single, and Jeff Conine got a bloop single leading the bases with no outs. Nick Markakis didn't help out the cause, striking out, but B-Rob's sac fly gave the O's the lead, and Corey Patterson advanced to third(which turned out to be big). On a wild pitch, Corey came in to score, giving the O's a 4-2 lead.

And in the 7th that lead was extended. Guess who? Miguel Tejada went deep, making the lead, and the final score 5-2.

Nice to see the O's pick up a win, and will probably only be 1/2 game out at the end of the night.

Game notes:
-Miguel Tejada extended his hit streak to 13 games, but Brian's 9 gamer was broken.

-Speaking of Miguel Tejada, he had another good game. 2/3, 2 runs scored, an RBI, and his 6th big fly of the year.

-Jay Gibbons also had 2 hits, but best of all was Corey Patterson, who went 3/4 today. I can't explain how nice it is to see C-Pat hitting again.

-The pitching lined up perfectly today. Daniel Cabrera went 7 innings, giving up 2 runs. Hawkins came in to pitch a scoreless 8th, and Ray closed the game down. Just like last night...

-Daniel picked up the win tonight and he is now 2-2. Gil Meche picked up the lose, and dropped to 1-2. Ray got his 7th save of the year, and he's still perfect in save ops. Here is Daniels line:
7 IP, 2 ER, 4 hits, 1 BB, 6 K's. Not only did he have more IP than baserunners he let on, but also more K's. Great game for Daniel, as the only runs he gave up were on a home run just over Markakis' outstreched arm. This would be Meche's line:
5 IP, 2 ER, 8 hits, 3 BB, 3 K's.
Ray(from how it looked on gameday) was wild again tonight, but still went 1-2-3. I'll take it...

-Yesterday I said Gil Meche owned Tejada. Well, I guess sometimes the stats lie(or I'm just stupid).

-The O's will be within a half a game tonight, as the Red Sox dropped one to the D'Rays. The Blue Jays will now be tied for first, as they beat the Yankees, which means the O's passed the Yanks. Woosh, yo comprende?

O's vs. Mariners tomorrow.

Hernandez vs. Chen.
O's vs. Hernandez.
Not much there.
Mariners vs. Chen.
A few high OPS's, but other than that not too much in their either.

Go O's!

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