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Tuesday, April 25, 2006



2 sources of offense for the O's today(better than the one on Sunday), and it wasn't enough to top the fighning Canadians.

The Jays offensive attack started in the 1st inning, when a Catalanotto double was followed up with an RBI single 2 AB's later, making the score 1-0 through 1.

All was silent until the 4th, when offensive source #1 lifted off. What a shock, it was Miguel Tejada. Miggy had another shot down the left field line, and and it tied up the game for the O's. 1-1.

But the Jays had an answer. All of their RBI's came from batters 3-7, and that held true here. Lyle Overbay got an RBI single, and Benji Molina kept their rally going with an RBI double, giving the BJ's a 3-1 lead.

Offensive source #2 struck in the 7th inning. With Miguel on first(after a single, his second hit of the game) Gibby went deep, deep and out to center field. Tie game, 3-3.

But in the bottom of the 7th the Jays would simply put the game out of reach. Rodrigo started the inning with a walk, and that was the end of his night. Here's his line.
6+ IP, 3 ER, 5 hits, 3 BB, 4 K's.
Chacins was yanked in that inning also. He had...
7 IP, 3 ER, 6 hits, 1 BB, 4 K's. Similar lines...
The Jays then attempted a rare bunt(due to their moneyball philosophy) off Jim Brower(the new pitcher), and it showed as Kevin Millar gunned down Russ Adams at 2nd base. That was Browers only highlight, though, as he then walked the next batter and then gave up an RBI double. Then came Halama(a lefty), replacing Brower, and Hillenbrand(a righty) hit for Overbay(a lefty). It payed off, as Hillenbrand singled home 2 runs, and Benji Molina followed it up with another RBI single, making the score 7-3 at the end of the 7th, and the game.

Would have liked to win tonight, but I like our chances tomorrow(Bedard v. Lilly, 7:07), and Thursday(Benson v. some rook, also 7:07). Still got a shot at 2/3...

Game notes:
-Miguel Tejada went 2-3 today, moving his league-leading average up to .434. He also knocked a homerun, his 5th, and his 18th RBI. He kept his 10-game hit streak alive.

-Gibby hit a homer today(#5), had 2 hits and also 2 RBI's. Solid night for Gibby, playing his former team(The O's picked him up in the rule V draft).

-Coming into the game, the O's were 15/15 on steals, and the Jays were 0/11 on throw-out attempts. That held true tonight, as B-Rob stole his seventh base of the season.

-Rodrigo pitched a solid game last night, and he is now 1-2.

-Yankees won, D'Rays lost, Red Sox about to win. Looks like we'll be 2 1/2 out...

Would be very nice to break this 3-game win streak tomorrow with our stopper on the mound.

O's stats vs. Lilly.
Yuck, not too good.
Jays stats vs. Bedard.
Jays stats look pretty good, but look at the lack of AB's for them. Also, Bedard hasn't been pitching this well since the beginning of last year.

Go O's!

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