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Thursday, March 30, 2006


4 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After suffering through an entire winter baseball is only 4 days away!!!! Can't wait for monday!

Haven't updated in an eternity, so I've got a lot to cover....

-Kevin Millar has a funny article in his online diary

I always get shirts made throughout the season -- a lot of locker-room stuff, things that you really can't wear outside the clubhouse. We always have fun with that. On Tuesday, I was eating at the Capital Grille, and my agents got me a hat that said "Pimp Daddy #15" on it. So I asked them where they got it made, and I went over there. It just started flowing, and I got a bunch of hats for a bunch of the guys.

Trade rumors
-There has been some speculation out on the west coast that the Orioles could trade David Newhan for either Kevin Gregg or Esteban Yan(Both relievers). I, personally think that those relievers aren't any better than what we currently have and giving up Newhan for them would be a waste. I think Newhan should be given a shot in CF. Also, Matos and Patterson are being shopped.

-Have seen some Craig Wilson to the Orioles rumors. If the O's had to give up, say, Bruce Chen or Rodrigo Lopez, I would be against this trade, but if it were Matos/Newhan/Patterson and a mid-level prospect(Finch, Fio etc.) then I would like the trade. If Wilson is acquired the outfield situation would definitely get shaken up.

-Luis Matos for Todd Walker was being discussed a few weeks back, but now that B-Rob is playing well in ST it is extremely unlikely that this trade happens.

-The acquisition of several relievers has been discussed in the Baltimore Sun. The players include Detroit's Franklyn German, San Francisco's Tyler Walker, Pittsburgh's Ryan Vogelsong, Boston's Matt Ginter, Cleveland's Steve Karsay and the Los Angeles Angels' Kevin Gregg. The article also states that Jim Brower is guarenteed a spot in the pen this year.

Other notes
-This article announces that Javy Lopez will NOT be the Orioles starting 1B this season. He is going to DH for the majority of the year.

-Todd Williams will start the season on the DL due to a mild strain in his calf. Hopefully he will be back in the next month or 2.

-Melvin's contract situation is still unresolved, and time is running short. If he isn't signed to an extension by tomorrow(He is meeting with Angelos tomorrow) then he will not sign an extension until after the season. Gosh, if we let another player like him go...

-B-Rob is back! This means not only that our all-star lead-off hitter isn't going to miss any regular season time, but that the O's aren't going to trade for Todd Walker. Great to see Brian back!

-Who will hit #2? A couple possibilities would be...
Whichever M hits second is still a tossup, but it will most likely be either Markakis or Mora.

-Speaking of Nick Markakis, he is tearing the cover off the ball in spring training, and it might earn the O's top prospect a spot on the team(and the starting lineup). Go Nick!

-Miggy is struggling this spring. At last check he was hitting below .200 and has been less than average in the field. Hopefully this is just some residue from the WBC, and has nothing to do with his fall-off last season/b-12 stuff.

-Gil has been released. Yay! Yippee! Horray!

-Richard Hidalgo was released by the Orioles a few weeks back. He was released after he failed to report to camp.

AL East news
-Aj Burnett is on the DL and will miss 2 starts. Definitely not the start he wanted.

-Boston Red Sox reliever Julian Tavarez was suspend 10 days for a cheap/sissy shot at Joey Gathright of the Devil Rays. Cheap and sissy...a good way to describe red sox in general!

Go O's!

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