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Monday, January 16, 2006


Filling out a 4-man rotation

The Orioles currently have pretty much a 4-man rotation
If needed, either Maine or Penn

You know the FA market is thin when at a premier position like SP there are only 14 people left. Let's go through a rundown of all the Orioles options:

Possible signings

Pedro Astacio:Way too much of a gamble. In the last 5 years he's had 1 ERA under 4, and it was in the NL in PetCo park. I would definitely pass on this one.

Kevin Brown:If the options get even slimmer, I'd take a chance on Brown. Last year he had a horrible season, but the 2 previous years his ERA was 4.09 and then 2.39(in 211 IP). Yes, he is getting old, but if he can turn back time to 2003 after leaving NY, it is definitely a gamble I take.

Roger Clemens-Heh.

Darren Dreifort- At only 33 years old, I would keep him in the back of my mind if I were in the warehouse. His ERA has been solid in the last 2 years, both hovering around 4. His last 3 years have been injury shortened, and that is an issue, but in his last full season his ERA was again slighty above 4. I would take a gamble is nothing else is left.

Scott Ericson-Hasn't had an ERA below 6 in 3 years. Pass.

Josh Fogg-Hasn't had an ERA below 4.5 in the last 3 years, and lacked luster in the others. I'll pass again on this one.

Lima time!-His last 3 years in the AL have been horrible. Pass.

Wade Miller-This is an interesting scenario. Yes, he'll be out until May, but Penn and Maine can easily fill in until then. His ERA Has been good since 2001 and has already pitched in the AL east. I wouldn't mind this at all.

Wes Obermueller-No way.

Kirk Rueter-Has had a pretty bad ERA over the last few years in the NL. I'll pass.

Victor Santos-Nope. Never had an ERA below 4.

Ismael Valdez-Hasn't had an ERA below 4.5 since '01. No thanks.

Jeff Weaver-Ahhh, finally, the main event. Weaver really knows how to strike people out and is an inning eater that the O's desperately need.I would give him a 3/25 deal or something around that area. I think the Orioles really need to sign someone like this.

Jamey Wright-NEVER had an ERA below 4. Nope Nope Nope.

Possible trades

Matos to the Sawks for Arroyo/Wells-Even though I like Arroyo, I don't wanna trade a capable player to a division rival. I DEFINITELY don't do this trade if it is for Wells. Yuck.

So all-in-all, I think the O's need to sign Weaver, but if that falls through, you still have backup in Wade Miller, Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort.

Go O's!


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