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Friday, January 13, 2006


Around 'da league

Haven't been on in a while, so I'll try to get to everything.

-Jeromy Burnitz signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Burnitz back out of the deal with the O's after finding out the extensivness of the physical process. Most people in this situation would use this as a cheap shot against Angeloser, but I really can't blame him for making this the uniform policy after the Albert Belle debacle.

-The lack of a Jeromy Burntiz signing opened the hole back in LF, so the Orioles went out and signed Kevin Millar to a 1/2.1 deal. Millar did only have 9 HR's in 2005, and is also right handed(the one reason I prefer Burnitz). The only reason I like this deal over Burnitz'? This deal is worth 3 times less, which supports the Weaver rumor.

-I think the Orioles should sign Jeff Weaver. This will not only fill out the rotation, but it will make Melvin and Miggy happy. Hopefully the deal is something like 3/24. According to, the Orioles are one of 4 teams still in the running for Weaver.

-The Orioles traded A-ball 2B Nate Spears and A-ball LHP Carlos Perez prospect for Cubs CF Corey Patterson. I support this move because it simply is low-risk and possibly high-reward. No problem with the deal here.

-The O's are reportedly working on extensions with Melvin Mora and Jay Gibbons. In the next few years they will also work on extending Brian Roberts. Javy Lopez has a few options.
1)The O's extend him and hope for the best at first base.
2)The O's don't extend him.
a)They trade him now.
b)They wait til the trade dealine and deal him to a contender.
c)They take a gamble that he becomes a dud and let him walk.

-A quick note-The O's DFA'd Walter Young.

Til next time, Go O's!


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