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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Not in fitz over Burnitz

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the O's are close to signing Jeromy Burnitz to a 2 year, 12 million dollar deal.

My thoughts on the player:Jeromy Burnitz Is a good signing in my opinion. Last year he provided some pretty nice pop with 24 HR's and a .435 SLG%. His OPS did lack luster last year, but at .915 2 years ago I will take it. Another thing, he is getting old, but over his career he has averaged 31 HR's, 95 RBI's, and an .833 OPS. I think his numbers took a hit last year in Wrigley with the swirling winds.

My thoughts on the contract:I don't like it. 2 years to a 37 year old is too long. Giving 6 mil. to a guy who will be 39 isn't a spectacular idea. I would absolutely love this if it were more around 1/4, but it's not, so I don't.

All in all:The O's needed to make this move. Bringing up on of the Markakis or Majewski too soon is the perfect way to ruin a prospect. He can provide a solid SLG% with 20-25 HR's and is also a lefty bat that the O's need. All in all, this is a good move.

Looks like Miggy is staying put. The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the O's are talking about trading him to a few teams, mainly the red sox and cubs. The cubs are pursuing most aggressively, but the sides seem too far apart to complete a deal. The O's are most intrigued with a offer from the sawks for Matt Clement and Manny Ramirez. Alot of people in the warehouse, though, don't want to trade Tejada in the division. I think that the Manny trade is now nullified with the probable Burnitz signing.

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