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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm thinking Arby's

With two days until the arbitration deadline, I'm thinking Arby's. For the Orioles, there is only 1 question...Do they non-tender Gil or Byrnes?

Let's start off with Gil. There are currently 4 catchers on the O's 40 man roster(Lopez, Hernandez, Whiteside, Gil). There is 1 circum stance that I keep Gil-IF Lopez is traded. There is no need to keep a offensively challenged catcher with no upside unless you have no backup. The one thing I don't understand is why the O's didn't try to re-sign Sal Fasano. Yes, his defense might be poor, but 11 bombs for a backup catcher is very very good. Let's compare Gil and Fasano.

Gil-125 AB's, 4 HR's, .192 Avg., 17 RBI's and 7 Run's.
Fasano-160 AB's, 11 HR's, .250 Avg., 20 RBI's and 25 Runs

Fasano is better in every stat. Why don't he O's keep Fasano? THere are 2 possible reasons-
1. Flanny is on crack
2.The O's don't plan on trading Javy.
Personally, I think it is #2:-)

Now to Byrnes. There is one way the O's non-tender Byrnes-They are planning on signing another LF. The reason I say that is becuase in Byrnes last season where he had a full-time home, he hit .283 with a .817 OPS, and he had 20 HR's and 17 steals. Don't forget that he kills lefties. Also, he leaves it all and more out on the field. If you have never watched him play, you need too. He has a cannon arm and makes spectacular plays regularly in the field.

If they were planning on signing another LF, it would be one of these guys:
Rondell White
Jeromy Burnitz
Jeff Conine(gag)
Jacque Jones
Reggie Sanders
Preston Wilson

If I had to pick the best 2 it would be White and Sanders. But I think it is safe to say that we all know the FO will get Burnitz and 'Niner because they are "gamers" and "Old as dirt"...OK, maybe they won't say that.

Right now there are lots of question marks, but the great thing about the hot stove is they will all be answered in 48 hours time.

Go O's!
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